Gopaalaka Trust (R) was incorporated in the year 2011 for a noble cause. The Trust was registered under the Societies Act with the core committee comprising of a handful of philanthropic volunteers from different background and walks of life. The Trust’s finance and books of accounts are being audited regularly by a Chartered Account.

Volunteers with an intention to serve the sacred Gau have grouped up to rescue and rehabilitate the Indigenous Cattle heritage of the land.

Development of Native Cattle Breeds

There are less than 28 breeds of Indigenous Cattle in India as per a recent survey. Breed conservation is a very critical aspect as there is no other way to help save them. Hence, it is recommended that the Cattle from the native regions be reared by the farmers and the interested people. We should stop relying only particular breeds like Gir and Sahiwal in the name of rearing Indigenous breeds. Regions within Karnataka can strive to save Hallikar, Amrit Mahal, Malnadgidda, Krishna Valley, Deoni, Bargur (Batta), Javari etc.