• Knowledge sessions in Rural and Urban regions of Karnataka
  • Support research and scientific needs in the area of Indigenous breeds of cattle
  • Cattle rescue and rehabilitation efforts
  • Fodder Support for Cattle
  • Goshala setup and infrastructure support
  • Indigenous Cattle breeding and development
  • Support poor Farmers in their cattle maintenance
  • Support maintain patented Bulls and their blood line
  • Support legal rights of Cattle and other voiceless animals
  • Support working Oxen /Bull in distress (includes

Various ways to support the cause:

  • Adopt a Cow for life /for a month /year
  • Fund a Gopaalak and his family (Salary, Children education, Healthcare, Insurance)
  • Support Goshala in their infrastructure needs
  • Fodder Support

Schemes in the name of Gau:

  • Hundi Yojna (Piggy bank system that suggests depositing in the name of fodder everyday –would be collected by one of the authorized volunteers of the Trust on a monthly basis)
  • Gau Mangal Nidhi (support the Cattle cause during every function /Ceremony in the family by donating a significant amount, considering Gau to be a member of the family)
  • Corpus Fund
  • “Goshala Infrastructure” fund
  • “Gopaalakkutumbasamrakshana” fund

Support Solicited for:

  • Volunteers for specific Cattle related activities on week days /week ends. This also involves coordination with government departments, census related activities in rural Karnataka, research activities involving farmers,
  • Fund raising (CSR leads etc)
  • Research on Punganoor and Krishna Valley breeds. Need volunteers to work with the farmers and rural population cultivating these breeds.

Goshalas and rehabilitation centers that were supported in the past & are currently supported by Gopaalaka…

  • Sri Vrindavana Gokula Goshala, Ramohalli
  • Sri KrishnaiahSetty farm, Malur
  • Sri DakshinaGovardhana Goshala, Chikballapur
  • Surabhi Goshala, Madhugiri
  • Anekal Goshala, (Behind MutyalaMaduvu on the TN side)
  • Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt Goshala, Mantralayam
  • Sri Govardhanagiri Trust (Neelavara Goshala), Udupi
  • Sri Raghavendra Gou Ashrama Committee, Malur
  • Sri Shyam Gou SevaSamiti, Kengeri
  • Dharithree Trust Goshala, Dabaspet
  • Dharmachakra Trust (Ramachandrapur Mutt), Girinagar, Bengaluru
  • KamadhenuGosamrakshana Trust, LaLanakere, Mandya
  • Gaugyan Foundation, Gubbi, Tumakuru
  • Dhyan Foundation, New Delhi (for Gubbi Goshala)
  • Kamadhenu Trust, Chikmagalur Goshala, Chikmagalur
  • Srikrishna Goshala, Urdigere, Dabaspet
  • Koppal and surrounding villages during famine (through Dharmachakra), North Karnataka
  • 84 farmers in Narasimpalli Village (during famine), Bukkapatnam, Anantpur District
  • Chidambarashrama Goshala, Gubbi
  • MalaiMahadeshwara Hills (during Famine for fodder & rescue), Kollegala, Chamarajnagar

Our Supporters:

We express our deep sense of gratitude to our supporters:

Shri.AnantMutalik & Company (Chartered Accountant and Auditors),
Vijayanagar, Bengaluru - managing the Finance and Accounts auditing activities of the Trust.

Shri. Ganesh Rao (Tax Consultant),
Rajajinagar, Bengaluru- who has been instrumental in mobilizing funds for the cattle welfare activities.

(A Strategic Market Research Company head quartered in London, UK and which has its presence Globally including in Bengaluru, India). They were kind enough to partner the Infrastructure setup at “Sri Vrindavana Gokula Charitable Trust” Ramohalli Goshala which is supported by us.

The Families funding us in fulfilling the regular supply of fodder, medicines and supporting us in various other goshala activities.

Volunteers helping us in the activities of the Trust and the Board members that have always been the guiding force and energy behind this great cause.